New FRANQ got a fantastic reception from franchisors at NFC19

QTECX Solutions followed this year's theme of "EVOLVING IN A NEW LANDSCAPE: INNOVATION & TRANSFORMATION" by releasing its new version of FRANQ and touched upon the need of the hour: franchise businesses actively innovating and transforming themselves to stay at the forefront of their respective industry. Franchisors need to streamline and use automation to enable the support team to focus on the core business: creating happier franchisees to accelerate the growth.

QTECX Solutions is glad to have sponsored and exhibited at NFC19 event in October 2019. We achieved great success with showcasing the new release of our flagship product, FRANQ. We demonstrated the solution to several franchisors and will continue to engage with others who couldn't attend our presentations. FRANQ's powerful features were appreciated by all and interest showed by franchisors was amazing. We are humbled that our continuous research and development has borne fruits in making a positive impact in the sector. This was the second year in a row that we proudly supported the Franchise Council of Australia in informing, educating, and providing opportunities to franchise businesses.

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