Franchise Compliance

Compliance Review is a powerful feature-rich module in our franchise management software system that allows franchisors to conduct and track the compliance of each location/franchisee. The module provides review results as per the unique report set by the franchisor and distributes compliance reports, saving time for field managers.

DIY configurable questionnaire templates

Compliance Review has easy-to-setup templates to allow your staff to manage the compliance process. Obtain a complete view of your franchisees' performance. Provide consistent experience with configurable templates and tweak them as your business grows.

Notifications to field managers and franchisees

Schedule compliance reviews in advance with automatic reminders to field managers and franchisees, With configurable questionnaires, conduct compliance reviews in less time. You gain full real-time visibility from the system on all reviews, interactions, and final reports. 

Several question types

With several flexible options available to prepare your questionnaires, save time and costs in conducting mandatory compliance reviews. Store all information in one system with a history of past reviews and results.

Review report on your template

Create professional reports with your brand after completion of compliance reviews. The system allows for setting up multiple sections within the report for easy reading and quick actions.

Automatic score calculation

Auto calculation and report generation are performed by the system. Built-in email service allows sending results emails to your franchisees faster and records all communications at one place.

Track review results and monitor performance

Manage your compliance process with the template-based system. With dashboards and reports, you get an insight into compliance team’s and franchisees’ performance, track each review, and monitor negative results for faster remediations.

FRANCHISE Compliance

FRANQ is the franchise management software system that assists in solving franchise compliance challenges. In addition to many other features, FRANQ allows you to understand the performance of your franchisees better and help create decisions faster based on factual data. Perform compliance reviews using built-in forms or create your own to track regular compliance results.

- Centralised database for all functions
- Filter and segment the contacts
- Create your own template-based questionnaires  
- Track compliance review participants 
- Document/links storage
- Create reports on your own templates
- Email reports from the system and record all communications
- Record all activities with end-to-end traceability
- Comply with Franchising Code of Conduct for renewals
- Advance alerts, reminders on Property and Franchise contracts
- Compliance performance dashboards, alerts and reminders

Let us help you stay compliant

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