Franchise Operations

Running a successful franchise business is not easy. WIth the right software solution, the task becomes easier for franchisor. Our easy to use franchise management software system helps you train employees, market your business, turn enquiries into successful recruitment, streamline communications, onboard new franchisees, conduct field audits, and open new stores with ease. It helps franchisors to stay on top of daily operations

Centralised franchise management

Obtain a complete view of your franchisees. Store information about your customer that include geography, financial standing, noteworthy events, contacts’ career history, and many more. Get to know your franchisees better and build efficient personalised communications.

Streamline and optimise operations

Streamline and automate internal processes – from document approvals to contract signing, new franchise opening and compliance visits. Take advantage of the industry best practices to implement efficient and automated business processes.

Highly configurable software

Designed and developed in consultation with franchisors, FRANQ is a highly configurable software system to meet the requirements of any franchisor. This solution is what your staff needs to provide a superior experience to franchisees.

Remove data silos with integrations

Our franchise management software system allows you to quickly set up custom integrations with other solutions, e.g. website, e-signature, Accounting and more. Save costs by setting up comprehensive dashboards on one application based on data fetched from other systems.

DIY customisable questionnaire templates

Easy-to-setup templates to allow your staff to manage the recruitment and compliance processes. Obtain a complete view of your franchisees' performance. Provide consistent experience with configurable templates and tweak them as your business grows.

Top level reporting, monitor performance

Various types of dashboards and charts to easily view and understand the real-time data. Modify reporting criteria to reap the benefits of real-time reporting. Customised dashboards can be configured for management to help in making faster executive decisions.

FRANCHISE Operations

FRANQ is a franchise management sofware system that takes care of day-to-day tasks to allow full management and control from one platform. With streamlines processes and automated tasks, you have all the information in one software system to understand the performance of your franchisees better and help take decisions faster based on factual data. 

- Corporate and Franchise stores management
- Property and Franchise contract management
- Territory Management
- 360° franchise and customer view
- Centralised database for all functions
- Documents/links storage
- Create template-based emails and contracts
- Manage all renewals and terminations
- Knowledge management
- Operations performance dashboards, alerts and reminders
- Synchronization and import

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