From Marketing to Recruitment, Operations, Store Opening and Compliance, our franchise management software system provides a comprehensive set of features for your head office to manage the franchise network effectively

Franchise Management Software System

A flexible solution that works for your business. Designed and developed in consultation with franchisors, FRANQ is a highly configurable solution to meet the requirements of any franchisor. This solution is what your staff needs to provide a superior experience to franchisees.

Franchise Marketing

Personalise communications with your franchisees and other contacts. Optimise your communication strategy based on mass mail responses. Utilise a visual campaign designer to reach audiences with the most relevant message.

Franchise Recruitment

Process-based Franchise Recruitment allows your staff to provide a consistent and quality experience to new franchisees and to follow compliance requirements. Franchise Recruitment provides best practice processes for efficient recruitment.

Franchise Operations

Share franchise processes and documents with franchisees and control the access. End-to-end business processes for continued maintenance. Best in class technology allows a franchisor to manage every stage of interactions effectively. 

Compliance Management

Track compliance and manage contracts in real-time to take necessary action at the right time. Be unique and stay ahead of legal challenges. Stay compliant with the Franchising Code of Conduct, always!

Contracts Management

Easily manage all contracts and additional agreements using FRANQ. Attach electronic versions and copies of contracts, keep track of contracts details and related communications. Create template-based contracts automatically based on data in the system.

Franchise Store Opening

Streamlined process help in the execution and tracking of a new store opening tasks. Assign and monitor the timelines. Take advantage of the best practices to ensure maximum efficiency.

Service Management

Manage customer requests and automate service operations by following pre-defined processes for customer care excellence. Manage all client requests in a single view no matter what channel they came from: phone, email, chat, social or customer portal.

Integrations with other systems

Integrate with other systems (e.g. Xero, Mindbody, DocuSign, address verification) to communicate with one another, share data to keep all staff up to date all the time. Increase staff efficiency manifolds.

Dashboards and Reporting

Various dashboards and charts to easily view and understand the real-time data. Provide feedback to franchisees on their performance. Customised dashboards help in making faster executive decisions.

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