Franchise Recruitment

FRANQ allows you to orchestrate franchisee journeys and accelerate lead-to-revenue, a holistic multichannel franchise recruitment software powered by out-of-the-box best practice processes delivering excellent franchisee experience.

Streamlined  recruitment process

Franchise Recruitment is an easy-to-configure feature that helps you implement your unique process for the recruitment team. You gain real-time visibility from the system on all communications, interactions, documents, and more. 

Target segementation

Segment your database and build data selections. For a truly personalised approach, create custom target segments based on the data stored in the system. It also allows you to re-target and re-engage old leads. 

Qualify prospects

Schedule and record multiple interviews with prospects, use the questionnaire templates to guide the recruitment team members to go through all questions. Never miss a step in the recruitment process.

Track activities to complete a sale

Track each franchise recruitment application from potential franchisees. With a configured checklist, ensure recruitment team follows the process and all tasks to stay compliant with the Franchising Code of Conduct.

Personalised experience

Use professional email templates to respond quickly and still add the personal touch to each communication during the recruitment process. Give your potential franchisees the best experience and show that you care.


With dashboards and reports, you get an insight into your sales pipeline, number and sources of leads, track each application with duration, view full history, periodic successful sales, and more. Manage the efficiency of your recruitment process.

Franchise Recruitment

Our franchise management software solution helps you accelerate your franchise recruitment campaigns. FRANQ allows you to understand your franchisees better and help you target new leads, and re-target old leads. Record all communication, generate and send agreements and other template documents from one system, and get e-signature for a faster sale. With dashboards and reports, you get an insight into the number of leads, progress of each application, view full history, and successful sign-ups.

- Streamlined recruitment process with checklist
- New franchise enquiries, online applications
- Capture leads from website, other sources
- Re-market and re-engage old leads
- Configurable recruitment interview questionnaire
- Schedule and conduct interviews, record all conversations
- Create template-based emails, auto-answer
- Send template-based contracts
- Support for e-signature for multiple parties
- Dashboards for sales performance

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