How to grow your franchise business faster with FRANQ

FRANQ has one goal in mind, to help franchisors to grow their business faster, the right way.

FRANQ is a unique software solution, custom designed specifically for the franchise sector. This is the best solution that you will find in the market that covers Franchise Marketing, Recruitment, Operations, Store-Opener, Contract Management, Knowledgebase, and Compliance Reviews as well as Service Tickets and with a lot of automation.

Once you have this solution in place you will be amazed how you can spend more time to create more sales opportunities, manage your leads in a timely manner, and have better relationships with your franchisees. You might even wonder why you didn't go for this solution earlier. With FRANQ, you are setting the stage for a continuous growth.

This all-in-one software system has been developed with extensive research on franchise sector's needs and challenges. It is designed to steamline your business, create strategic relationships with your franchisees and open door to more sales conversations. This one system will cut your time significantly to recruit more franchisees and help you and your franchisees to be legally compliant and follow the Franchising Code of Conduct (FCC).

You may have never thought of it but FRANQ will make it possible for you, a single central system that can help you make the running of the franchise processes easy and manageable. FRANQ can be customised by your team to suit your business requirements with the click of a few buttons.

Does all this sound too good to be true? Get in touch with us today and we will show you how is it possible. 

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