Franchise Operations made easy for franchisors

Thinking of expanding your franchise business, but worried about how to manage the growth effectively?

When you are ready to proceed with growth plans, you have a lot to consider, starting from employee hire, territory planning, equipment and other product suppliers, décor, and the list goes on.

At QTECX Solutions, we specialise in one of the important aspects which makes the process of growing a franchise business easy. We provide you with the right franchise management solution, because with the right system your new business will run smoothly and you will not experience problems that other franchisors go through like chaos during busy periods, unsatisfied employees, unable to understand data and, worst of all, unhappy franchisees as a result of system disorganisation.

QTECX Solutions provides you with a future-proof software solution that can adapt to your growing business. Our solution, FRANQ, gives you a single end-to-end system which can be used to market your business, recruit franchisees, manage opening new stores, daily franchise operations, compliance and handle franchisee and customer support. The system is easy for existing staff to adapt, new staff to learn, provides you up to date dashboards for effective and faster decisions, and alerts you on key pending tasks. Best of all, it’s a system that connects all the data together so you can securely access the information from anywhere.

Let us explain how we can help in different scenarios.

FRANQ for new store opening
A franchisor has a brand value to maintain. FRANQ helps you design and improve your processes in a way that when you open a new franchise, FRANQ can allow you to track and manage tasks execution and the project. As you progress through recruitment to opening a store, all the data that needs to be available for your Franchise Operations team is already there. Throughout the processes, the franchisee will get a consistence and superior experience.

Manage productivity and franchise operations
A restaurant franchisor will have many suppliers for the items required in a restaurant. The system stores all the information for suppliers so that head office teams can communicate with them. All interactions such as contracts, emails, franchisee complaints related to suppliers can be managed from FRANQ. The management will be able to know where the quality is lacking and the right actions can be taken.

Maintaining your brand standards with FRANQ is easy
It is now possible for all your franchisees to maintain high standards and brand requirements by giving you a complete view of your business which will help you plan to take immediate measures whenever the need arises. With FRANQ you always have up-to-date information.

Because your aim is franchisee and customer satisfaction, you will be able to change processes, sales, deals and promotions, and plan ahead with latest information, easily accessible with FRANQ.

Do It Yourself solution
You may have never thought of it but FRANQ will make it possible for you, a single central system can help you make the running of the franchise processes easy and manageable. You can now enable your staff to be guided through each process and complete mandatory tasks before going to the next step. FRANQ can be customised by your authorised staff to suit your business requirements at the click of few buttons.

FRANQ gives you the control
Always be on track to recognize any problems, find out what gives you profit, save costs, and what is not working. Effectively manage all strengths and weaknesses and improve your overall franchise business operations efficiency through FRANQ. Make changes for a long-term result in your favour.

Does all this sound too good to be true? Get in touch with us today and we will show how is it possible.

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